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FreeToWatch.tv Geo Unblocking Free Legal online TV Shows and Movies.

So what is Free To Watch TV ?

Simple: Like you we love our TV and especially enjoy the ability to watch over seas shows, either before they are available in our region which in this case is Australia and the ability to watch shows that we that we don’t have the option to watch.

This also applies internationally eg: US or UK viewer would like to watch the  Underbelly TV Series, but are unable to get access due to Geo-blocking.

There are plenty of user generated sites and major television network sites that let you watch free TV shows online and make available some of today’s most popular shows and movies legally. The trick is finding the best sites. Some sites will scam you into signing up for unrelated fees while others force you to complete a survey before you can watch a show, or perhaps install some fancy piece of software. You are best to stay clear of these sites at all costs and check out our reviews and tested services.

Unfortunately to get full access to all of the content is never absolutely free, as sometime only the first episode is available, or you may have to wait up to a week or more to see the next available episode.
We will cover all the options and show you how to not only watch a lot more content, perhaps even more than what you knew was available in your region for Free, but how to cost effectively access the paid services. Most importantly no illegal downloads or torrents, just legally and free !

Along the way we are going to show you how to configure most of the common devices available and how to get the most out of them.
These tutorials will range from absolute beginner/newbie to advanced, with step by step instructions.

We will not link to, post articles on or promote any form of illegally obtaining content.